Small tumblers on Rotary

I’ve been engraving some 32oz tumblers that are long enough to hit the stop and stick out the end of the rotary. Has anyone had luck with engraving a small tumbler? Like a yeti rambler 10 oz or something like that? I’m worried it’ll move up and down the rotary without something to hold it in place.

You don’t say what style of rotary attachment you have, Roller, wheeled or Lathe type…I assume roller?

you should get a lather type really, they are much better.

Only Idea I would have would be to wrap something like masking tape around the roller to create a ridge behind the glass to stop it moving past and down the roller. Or if the rollers come away put an elastic band over them, you could then slide them to whatever position you wanted to act as a stop either end of the item.

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or you can use some o-rings on the rollers

I did forget my bad, it’s the roller yrr ortur

Wouldnt that cause friction resulting in the roller slipping or stopping?

What kind of friction? i placed o-rings in the rollers and they “roll” the bottle, or tumbler or mug or glass i place on them, without slipping.

I just assumed if the o rings were attached to the roller it would create friction or make the rollers stop/skip somehow. Could you take a picture of it so I can see it?

sure, this is my selfmade roller


Are you talking about the tumbler not turning on the roller without some slipping OR…are you talking about the tumbler walking either left or right. I have orings on my rotary wheels BUT…the objects tend to walk left or right a tad if there is no simple stop set up to prevent this,

The FTG Roller Rotary has adjustable length. I got one after I found the YRR roller wasn’t as flexible in length. I haven’t tried it yet, but it might be worth checking into…

Wow, it even has a cushion in case your glass falls out! Good feature! :grin:


I’m talking about small in length tumblers that seem to walk up and down the rotary.

That looks awesome, is it compatible with ortur though?

Yah figured. You can easily come up with a simple stop to butt up against the end…or both ends. Doesn’t have to be anything complicated….I use magnetic goose neck arms with a felt pad on the end to set against the object.

LOL! As compatible as the YRR is. It has a NEMA 17 motor driven by the same leads, hooked to the same cable on the Ortur laser. Since it’s a roller type it will need calibration anyway so I’m not expecting any issues in that regard.