Snap to grid questions

Drawing circles With Snap to grids turned on:
When drawing the circle, the outside (circumference) of the circle snaps to the grid.
If I move the circle after drawing it, there is no “snap to” .

Is there a way to

  1. draw a circle of exact size without the size snapping to the grid?
  2. is there a way to MOVE the circle and have it’s CENTER snap to a grid intersection?

I have many precise sized circle to be laid out in line for a panel

Click-n-drag the circle’s center marker and it will snap to the thing you hold it over: grid points, object perimeters, corners, whatever.

Thanks for the response,
Edit/Setting/Snap-to-grid is on.
When the arrow is over the center point of the circle, it turns to the 4-way arrow, and holding the mouse left button, I can drag the circle around, but it does not snap to the grid lines.

When DRAWING the circle, the circumference of the circle does snap to the grid lines.

Check your Grid Snap Distance. If it’s set to a small number you might not notice when the ‘snap’ occurs

My grids are set to .25 inch, and my grid snap distance is set to .25 inch.
When making the circle, the circumferance deffinetly snaps to the grid lines, but when I move the circle after making it (dragging by the center marker, it ignores the grid lines. even zoomed way it, there is no snapping.

I think the Grid Snap Distance should be smaller than half the grid distance, so that the cursor can be unambiguously within snapping distance of a grid line. If the two are equal, the cursor cannot be more than half the snap distance from a grid line, so which one should it snap to?

Mine are 10 mm and 0.5 mm.

The Object Snap Distance (at the bottom of that column) is measured in pixels and may be so small on a honkin’ big monitor that you never get close enough to a snap point:

I have it set to 15 pixels on a 27 inch 2560×1440 monitor, which works out to 3 mm = ⅛ inch and is not too finicky.

Rationalize both snapping distances and see if that improves the situation.

My grids at spaced at .25", so I set the grid snap distance at .125"
After making this change any snapping ceased to exist, I closed Lightburn, then re-opened it and Snapping was back when I was drawing the circles, but still will not snap when moving a circle AFTER creating it.

I’ll try to grab a screen recording, but it won’t happen for a couple days. (Tax package is due wed)

With the grids & snaps set as I described, then zoomed in to make millimeters about an inch across on the screen …

Drawing a circle (with Ctrl-Shift held down) snaps the center to a grid point if it starts within 3 mm (-ish) of a grid point, as measured on the screen.

Click-n-drag the center point of the circle and it snaps visibly to grid points when it passes within 3 mm (-ish) of each one, as measured on the screen.

I think your snap settings are too coarse for the grid.

Make the grid snap much smaller than the grid, make the object snap much larger than whatever it is now, zoom in so the snap points are visibly separated, and doodle around. I think it works the way you want, if you tinker the settings a bit more.

Many Thanks Ed,
I switched back to MM, and set visual grid to 10mm and Grid snap distance to 2mm. I can see definite constancy in the snapping while creating.
But more important, Holding just the ctrl key while dragging the center makes the center snap to what appears to be 1mm lines when you zoom in.
ODD thing is, if I try to CTRL move it while zoomed (if I can see the 1mm lines), there is no snapping action.

The doc sayeth:

If you do not want shapes to snap when dragging, hold the Ctrl key to temporarily turn off the snapping behavior.

Aaaand it doesn’t snap for me with Ctrl held down.

However, zooming in far enough to make each millimeter an inch across on the screen also means ordinary snap action only happens within a very tight tolerance (3 mm -ish) around each (widely separated) snap point, so if I’m not paying attention it looks like snapping is turned off.

Now you’ve got me tinkering with my settings, dangit! :grin:

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