Snap to Object's 1.1.00

Snap to objects using node editing in the latest release is not working for me. When I revert to 1.0.06 it behaves as expected. Anyone else experiencing this ?

Just to pad this out a bit.
If I create a simple square convert to path then break one of the nodes then try to reconnect, it does not snap. Hope this makes sense

We all are. :wink: Changes were made to snapping behavior to assist when using the drawing tools. We have found some issues with those changes, which have now been fixed. We will be releasing a minor update in a day or so that will contain this fix.

Thanks Rick, I missed this… note to self ‘must read more’ :+1:

You are all good, sir. You may need a tad more coffee, though. You were in the thread where we discussed this, yesterday :wink: .

and then,

Oops, silly me, didn’t digest Oz’s response properly… no coffee just bed me thinks !!

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