Snapmaker doesn't work even with version 1.6.00

as a follow up to a formerly closed thread, the problem that lightburn won’t work with snapmaker A350 properly, even with update 1.6.00
Functions like framing, positioning etc. are all ok but when I like to start the job, nothing happens. No laser beam, no movement.
Last version that works properly was 1.04.05

Does anyone shared the same experience with snapmaker A350 ↔ lightburn >1.4.5 ?
Any solutions available?
Thx Joe

Uncertain if it relates as i am not very familiar with SnapMaker hardware but take a look here:

v1.6.00 was a very focused release with only a few changes. The Snapmaker issues are further complicated by the fact that things are broken because Snapmaker changed their firmware such that their devices now look like Grbl machines and not Marlin. Note: no specific version of LightBurn broken the Snapmaker support, their new firmware just happened to come out around the time that LightBurn v1.5 came out so a lot of assumptions were made. Their firmware change broke a lot of small specific changes we made in LightBurn over the years to support some very Snapmaker specific requirements. We now need to rework all of these little changes to work for a different device type, which is unfortunately going to take some time.
For the time being, all I can recommend is to revert to an older firmware on your machine.

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For clarification, Adam, is this the overall advice for the whole product stack on Snapmaker? Or a specific series of machines?

From what Snapmaker told me they changed the firmware for all of their 3-in-1 machines. Obviously don’t change it if LightBurn is currently working for you already.

Understood Thanks!
And yes… the old “if it ain’t broken…”

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