Announcement: Snapmaker firmware updates have affected LightBurn usage

Hi everyone! Just wanted to make you all aware that all Snapmaker devices have recently updated their firmware, and this has affected LightBurn communications. Please see the below post for details.


So I have the latest Firmware update for my Snapmaker Artisan. My laser was working prior to Lightburn 1.5.0. After upgrading, my laser stopped working. I did revert back to 1.4.05 and my laser started working. I saw that an update to lightburn came out ( 1.5.02) I jecided to uninstall Lightburn all together, then download and install 1.5.02 and my laser started working again. That is with the Snapmaker snapmaker-artisan-40w-v1 from the Wiki. Whatever you did in 1.5.02 made my Laser to start working again. That is what I did to fix my issue.

So after I was able to get my Artisan working with 1.5.02 and did quite a few engravings. I shutdown my computer and Laser for the evening. Started it up the next day and when I try another engraving job, the laser comes on for a second then stops and the job keeps going. When I frame the job the laser comes on during the frame at 1% power. When I start the job, the laser comes on for 1 second then turns off, job still finishes. I changed the Printer to GRBL and the laser works for the whole job. It is clear there is either a bug in 1.5.02 for the Snapmaker profile or just incompatibility between the Snapmaker Profile and Lightburn 1.5.02…

This is known - Snapmaker broke the Snapmaker profile in LightBurn by updating their firmware without giving us any sort of a heads up.

If this is problematic for you, we know, we’re aware - we’d suggest making Snapmaker aware as well.

I put in a support ticket with Snapmaker about this issue…Thanks


I made Snapmaker aware, and sent them the link for your original announcement. They wrote back:
" The latest firmware still supports Lightburn, you just need to use the corresponding profile.
Please find the corresponding profile in this article, which you can use accordingly.
Using Ray / Artisan / 2.0 with LightBurn | Snapmaker Wiki

Thank you.

According to the system settings, the email will be automatically closed if there is no reply within 15 days.

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I have not found that to be the case when using the Marlin version of the Snapmaker profile. I was able to use the GRBL profile, though my settings were so off, that I stopped the engraving midway. (And through an oversight, did the cut first – so I can relay that the cut worked beautifully.)

I will be updating Snapmaker about this. (I have the Snapmaker 2.0 A350 and LightBurn 1.5.01, for reference. I don’t know if I should risk updating to version 1.5.02 since it seems to be working so far.)

In my ticket with Snapmaker Alice told me this:

This does not appear to be the profile issue. Currently the profile is suitable for the latest Artisan firmware.
It seems that the flame sensor was triggered abnormally. Please use this command to turn off the flame sensor and see if the problem is resolved.
M2000 L16 P5000

Thank you and have a nice day.

I told her that I ran the command and it made no difference. Then she said this:

If possible, please provide a video so I can help you better.

Please also export the FW and SC logs for further analysis.
To export the system logs, please tap Setting → About machine ,scroll down and find the System Logs column, tap Export , and then tap the export method you want.
Then please find the log files (named with FW & SC) in the USB drive and send the files to me.
If it is on the wizard interface, please unplug the toolhead then power-on, so that you can enter the main menu.

Thank you.