Soft Origin ? in AWC

I am setting up a camera to see the laser bed
While doing the “Calibrate Camera Alignment” I get prompted by LB to set the “soft origin” in the menu of the laser.

In the menu of my laser (AWC708C LITE) I could not find “soft origin” in the menu.

As described here: Soft Origin Setting

Any idea if there is another name for the setting?

As a result, my laser does not move to the position of the material on the bed.
And will cut from its pre-set origin or current soft origin.

Issue 1: Camera alignment isn’t correct.

Issue 2: laser head will not move from “soft alignment position”. to the material.

Bonus clue:

I Use:

  • macOS Big Sur, Version 11.5.2
  • Laser AWC708C LITE,,
  • LB: Your version is up to date. (1.0.01)
    after update LB: Your version is up to date. (1.0.02) = I get a beachball Crash from apple.

Tried: Standard Lens & Fisheye Lens as a setup.
And: using a tethered iPhone as a webcam.

“Soft Origin” would be a good addition to this article

Many thanks

It might help us if you tell us what you are trying to do… :slight_smile:

You have a ‘default’ origin, which is usually 0, 0. If you change that via software, that could be referred to as a ‘soft origin’.

Are you attempting to setup a camera?


Ups, Your are indeed correct.

while doing a camera set up … it get a massage to set up the “soft origin” before running the alignment pattern. I click OK and the laser will find the middle of the bed to create the pattern (so it is kinda working) but not for my projects. Thx

Glad it helps… It’s always nice to assume we know nothing about what you are doing.

Good luck, take care


Many thanks for your feedback. (Is was a long night lol)
I fixed my description.
Many thanks

No perspiration.

Take care and good luck…


Hate to reply to myself … but I could not let it sit like this:

Solution is … As described As described here: Soft Origin Setting

With the addition to toggle between:
Move cursor to【Origin Mode】and press【←】【→】.Can switch origin mode as【Software Origin】
【Machine Zero As Origin】【Current Position】【Key Origin. Press【Enter】to finish changes.
Page 16.

I still need to address the camera alignment crashing … to test the final result.

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camera crash problem: Cover the HoneyComb. DONE
Solution: Camera Calibration Crash - #2 by LightBurn

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