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I’m trying to set up my new light burn camera I went thru the calibrate lens now I’m at calibrate alignment however it is asking me to set my controller to “Soft Origin” I have a boss laser HP2436 I am not sure what controller I have but I can not figure out how to set to soft origin? Can someone walk me thru the steps to get to soft origin?

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Nice box. Good specs. It most likely has a ruida controller. Unless you have a special use-case, the factory defaults will be optimum.

In our experience, the Boss HP Series Laser comes with a Trocen/AWC controller, but I am not finding the exact specs for this model at the moment.

Thank you OZ
Those instructions were spot on and and did the trick.
I got my camera all set up and calibrated.
Now I just have to get smarter so I learn how to use it to its potential :grinning:

The marketing says ruida


Would be curious as to where. The shot above is taken from Boss’ site on the specs page for the HP series.

I don’t know :slight_smile: I went through the brochure in detail, too - just not enough detail it would seem

Mea culpa

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It’s a bit confusing - their High Power (HP) series uses the Trocen controller, and the LS series uses Ruida. When I first added Boss to the software, I didn’t realize they used different controllers either.

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According to the Devices Tab in the LightBurn Software in the bottom it says its a
Trocen-AWC (_AWC_12025009)
I didn’t realize this until I called Tech Services and they told me to look there.
Nothing like making a phone call to tech services just to be shown that I had the information all along :disappointed_relieved:

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