Software Update has stopped my AWC708C-PLUS controller from connecting to my laptop

Every since the latest couple of updates I can not send straight to my controller. I must load to a usb and then transfer to the machine. The message says the machine might be busy or running, but it isn’t. I have read similar posts with different configurations but haven’t seen for this controller. Sorry if I have missed it somewhere in discussions.

Thanks, Mark. Yes, you are correct, we have had an issue, mostly Macs, and the communications with DSP controllers. When you say, “Every since the latest couple of updates”, can you tell us, which was that last version you have this issue with? Have you tried 9.24?

We have released 9.24 which addresses this directly. From the announcement:

The last couple of releases have been clean up fixes for a number of issues with the 0.9.21 release. The last significant issue is a communication problem between serial/USB devices and the new ‘temporary connection’ mode used for DSPs. This primarily affected Ruida and TopWisdom controllers, and was significantly worse on MacOS. …

Two questions:

  • What kind of laptop?
  • What connection method? (click “Devices”, then select your laser and you’ll see a summary, like mine shown below)


I am using release 9.24. Connecting with a usb cable to the machine.

Dell Precision 7710. USB cable direct to machine.

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