Solenoid for air pump

Quite suprised as I thought this would be more common. I am using a 110 volt air pump for my air assist. I am manually turning it on and off and would like to connect it to the control board. What type of solenoid or relay do i need? Can someone share a link to the solenoid. Obviously I am using Lightburn so can the air be turned on and off with differant layers?

YouTube is your friend here.
Look up vids on LightBurn Air Assist setup. Lots of recommendations there as well.

I watched multiple videos multiple times to get my mind wrapped around what folks were doing. I didn’t want to fry anything so I tread cautiously.

In the end, I even drew up my own wiring from memory before I wired it up. Then compared it to schematics on the web. When I was completely confident (not just confident enough), I took a deep breath and flipped the whole rat’s nest switch on and it worked exactly as expected.

Probably not the answer you are looking for but my belief is no one is going to replace my miswired contraption but me. Ha!

I will tell you, however, that I purchased the CloudRay Kit and have been pleased with it. There are a couple of others too, but I’m all good here. And yes, my Ruida works flawlessly with automatic air assist depending on the way I have my layer set.

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I run all of my controls via a solid state relay (ssr). I use this one from Amazon. Might check the manufacturer (Uxcell (UXCE9)), they are usually lower cost if they’ll sell you one. There is a great advantage with these… they switch at the zero voltage point, so there isn’t a big load all at once like a relay. They also don’t require snub diodes like the solenoid coils.

It’s directly driven off the status sink of the Ruida. It’s been in there since I got mine… a few years ago.

I have two solenoids for my air control, both driven off the Ruida using status and wind. Status opens the valve to allow high pressure air into the system. It flows through a restrictor valve so I get a low pressure air to the head to keep the lens clean.

When air assist is enabled in the layer and that layer executes wind activates the bypass solenoid enabling full air pressure. Air assist needs to be enabled within the Ruida or the wind sink will not operate. Some of these have it enabled, some don’t.

Make sense?


Thank you for the reply, and the link to what i need for a relay. Yes makes perfect sense. You get low pressure when first solenoid opens and flow is through 1/4 turn valve. when second solenoid opens more air is allowed through.

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Is this diagram, from your photo correct?

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