Something wrong with cut

I have been trying to cut through 1/4" wood on the settings I have used with RD Works. I tried changing several settings (speed and power) but it would not cut through. Out of frustration I tried the same program on RD Works and it cut just fine. What am I missing? My controller is a Ruida

Did you only set Max Power? Or both Min and Max power? That’s probably the single most common mistake.

Yes I did set both the Min and Max power.

To what? :slight_smile:

These are worth review:

So are you saying I need to adjust the Start Speed? If so, what is a good number to input or start with here and where do I find this screen to set it?

This is already set as part of the controller configuration. You can view (and edit) these setting under ‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’.

What do you have set for both the Min and Max power for that ‘Line’ layer in LightBurn?

For cutting, you can set both to the same as your max power. This way, there is no ramping to the power as speed adjusts for direction change.

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