Sovol Laser Box

I started using the Sovol3D Laser Box.
I got it to work using the iLaser option when setting up the printer.
I have to save the G-code and comment out M101 code on line 4 to get it to work.
;M101 P590624

The X-axis is inverted when using the move feature in the software. I read that you can fix this by changing the origin but that option is disabled for iLaser.

Is there a reason you chose iLaser instead of Marlin? I assume Sovol3D uses marlin firmware.

It seems iLaser is hard-coded with certain specifications.

That was the first one I tried. Nothing moved.

Check out this post. The workaround may apply for you:

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Thanks, I will try that when I get a chance.
I will update with the results

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it sits on waiting on connection.
If I try to use the Move feature I receive error: 9.

That sounds more like a GRBL error than a Marlin error.

Can you copy the contents of the Console window here?

Also, can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn?

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