Spaces on the photos Ortur LM2

Hi, guys!
Can you tell me why I get the spaces on the different parts of the photos? (sometimes everything is OK)

It looks as if the laser might be getting an intermittent connection at the far left of its X-axis travel. Check the connectors are tight and look for any loose or broken wires.

I think that all wires and connections are good.
I’ve grounded the frame of the machine, connected power through the UPC changed the data cable - did not help.
Maybe it’s a high speed (5000 mm/min)?

Once checking grounding… the earth ground to machine was in good order, however, under the provided machine ground lug was paint. The machine lug had no connection to the frame, thus no earth grounding was made. I removed the lug and sanded/filed all the paint off under the surface of the lug and removed the paint on the inside of the machine under the lug. That resolved the problem. Also, do as suggested above double check and verify your wire connections.

I grounded it well.
And even in lower speed, turned of Pass-trough these white spaces happen in random parts of the image. I can see that laser give less power on these areas

I would thoroughly check your white (TTL) wire for continuity. There could be an intermittent break from repeated bending. Hook a meter up to both ends of it and bend the wire bundle in every way it would normally bend and see if you maintain continuity the whole time. I had it happen to me, it’s frustrating until you track it down to the problem, then it all makes sense.

Guys, you were right - it’s a bad connection of the wires

Thank you for letting us know the resolution.

Hi. Whats your qality un this pic? Speed if it understand was 5000? Waiting for ansver. Thanks. And have a Nice day.

5000 pass-through power 90 on 15W machine
The image has 300 dpi
And plywood was processed with baking soda