SparkMaker3D LaserPro 10W - not connecting

I have the same problem…
after a long wait i got a new replacement board from china
for the SparkMaker LaserPro 10/40W
(the 3.3 V voltage regulator (AMS1117-3.3: Low Dropout Linear
Regulator) has exploded and has a volcanic crater).

LightBurn 1006 OK
Lightburn 1103 no connection

I forgot to say,
in LightBurn 1.006 I used
“Matt Dow’s Lightburn profiles for SparkMarker LaserPro”

I see that you’ve shared different console information than what was seen in the thread you were on. In my mind this makes it a different problem so, i moved you to your own thread to start fresh here.

I’m not sure what the difference between a SnapMaker and a SparkMaker is and I don’t think this is running GRBL either but let’s try to get this connected.

Power up the laser engraver, hook it up to the computer, Start LightBurn, open the Console window and the Laser window. Screenshot the whole project with those windows then we can see a little bit more about where you’re at.

It runs GRBL-ESP32. I thought I was able to connect by changing DTR to on, and I can move and home laser head, but it doesn’t fire the laser, and runs the laser head into the material with the Z axis, and ignores the height sensor. but G0 repeating is what I was getting also, until turning on DTR and starting the program over. but still am having issues. 1.06 works great. Sparkmaker is nothing like a snapmaker, Snapmaker uses Marlin firmware.

Not firing the Laser could be a couple of things.
Can you screen cap the Device Settings under Edit (top bar)

open the console window and enter the following:
then press enter. Please copy and paste that report into a reply here.

i have updated the post
Pictures will follow…

@ rclarke250
did you have the “Matt Dow’s Lightburn profiles” under 1006?

I do, I mostly use the single focus profile.

Here are the pictures…
LB1006 OK

LB1103 G0

@ rclarke250
same here…

Can you test these settings?
LB1103 LaserPro single focus:
DTR: on
USE G0: on

can you confirm it…

print on cardboard
must callibriren the cammera :wink:


Just got done testing a few pieces and it seems to be working.

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