Speed problem in lightburn

Yes I use the Uccnc laser version.

But you speak about $ settings where I can change values is there a tutorial for what settings what is ?

Yes I have uccnc, but I use a very simple gcode generator software also made for laser only and there in if I change the speed value then he respond on it also In photo mode but when I do it in lightburn he does not respond on every lower or higher speed change I make in the lightburn software.??

maybe here? (and probably end the line with semicolon, I just wrote it without)
Tutorials are available at google.com - type gcode :wink:

I don’t know what you mean in your last post???

Edit -> Device settings -> GCode
There you can write down some gcode commands, which will appear at the start/end of every drawing you send to your laser.

Can you post or email us an example of the GCode for your system that works the way you think it should? GCode for a photo that does not pause.

This gcode i have made it in Vectric 9.5 and that works perfect no problems add all, but i cannot make in vectric a toolpath for a photo that i want to laser.
Because in vectric 9.5 that is not possible.
Thats why i want to step over to Lightburn and because lightburn has more filters inside i want to use.
Like ( Jarvis, Stucki, Dithering etc.)

The post processor is.
Stepcraft laser Dll450 mm.txt

That is special made for Uccnc users.

What i we’ll found out in the gcode that turn on and off the laser is that M3 must be M03 and M5 must be M05 in the gcode.
But wen i try to laser the file then the speed is not adjustable in any way it only get very very slow.
I putt many values in there but he does not respond to that increase or decrease speed values.

I hope that Lightburn can make a new device possible in the way to choose in list Uccnc .
Because Grbl and Grbl- M3 and all the others does not work for Uccnc users. I want to save the file from lightburn in .txt and then i can load that file into Uccnc to let it work.
Thank you that you are trying to get a solution.

Lightburn-vs-Uccnc.txt (55.0 KB)

I also try that but made no difference.

Hi that will only work when you have connect the laser to Lightburn i already try that but no luck. I only want to use lightburn stand alone and want to save a file from Lightburn. And then I go to Uccnc and load the saved file to let it work. But thanks for your Tip

I’ve been chatting with Mateusz and he’s given me the info I’d need to make output for the UCCNC. Do NOT follow the advice of people here telling you to change your $ settings - you don’t have them, and they won’t work.

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I’m really happy that lightburn is willing to make a uccnc device setting into lightburn and I will wait for the message from you. And I will not do anything with the settings. Thanks

@andre99 Sorry for the bad info. Since you said that you were “tying to laser the file” I didn’t understand that you were not using LB to actually burn the image.

Oke I will wait for you when you have news around the making of a new post processor in lightburn for Uccnc. Thanks

Already something found out ?

No - expect this to take at least a month.

Oke thanks for the info I wil be happy to hear from you
Thanks for helping .

Lightburn is a direct software and when is save the file, but when i do that with a image the power off the laser stay the same all gcode long so that is wrong but also other Letter such as S must be Q M3 must be M03 M5 Must be M05 that are the faults i get.
I make a Photo but the S value stay the same only full power??

There are a couple strange things here.

  1. You are using 0.8.07. That is an ancient release of LightBurn.
  2. Your speed is set to 1500 mm/sec - you likely meant to use 1500 mm/minute

For photos, if they are dithered, there are only two S values - 0% and 80% power (you asked for the 80). The laser power is toggled off and on to create dots, and the spacing between them is adjusted to make shading. This is normal. You are likely expecting varying S values, which you would get using the Grayscale image mode instead of one of the dithering modes.

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Dear Oz I have been trying to make lightburn work with a saved Gcode file for over two weeks now, but unfortunately I cannot get it working. My hope is whether Lightburn can make it possible for users using Uccnc to save a file that works. I’ve really tried everything in my power. My hope is that Lightburn can help me with an update for using lightburn.

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