Squiggly engraving slate

First - this is posted in software but someone told me it is hardware.
Thanks so much for any help at all.
So very frustrated I have been engraving slate coasters for some time. I am attempting to complete a customer order that went wrong 1/2 way through the job.
I line up 4 coasters in a 4x4 grid. This order started off fine. Ran my job and the first two coasters are perfect. The next two were botched. I have not been able to engrave in Fill mode at all. I did a test using Line mode (using card stock for testing) and I could not see any issues. Switch to fill mode and it is bad.

The photos show the glitches and the blue circled group was a separate burn from the other one. That is card stock. The Phillips is fill mode and looks fine.
I normally do Slate at 200 mm/s at 65% power which is about 4 mA. It is worth every time until now.

Check how secure your mirrors are. That may be vibration.

Some try and error:
Try to engrave it unidirectional instead bidirectional and see what it happens.
Watch your belt and check if it’s a bit loose.
Slow down your speed (and adjust the power if neccesary)
Check all the screws and tight them if necessary from time to time.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it this week.

I appreciate your suggestion. I will check them out.

Hey guys! I’m getting a similar result as this but only when engraving at a lower resolution than 600dpi. My speeds and power are the same but once I change to 300dpi I get jagged edges.This is on my 60w Ruida laser. I checked belts and mirrors and there doesn’t seem to be anything loose. I’m running at 200mm. I run a 4w Emblaser 1 diode laser as well and it doesn’t have this issue so I know it’s probably not software.

So I appreciate those that had suggestions, but I was surprised of how few folks responded.
Here is the current status. By the way, I am a devout Christian I had prayed to find a solution. Keep in mind that his has been going on since March 2020, however due to COVID-19 (CCP Virus), I had only had perhaps 3-4 hours total trying to fix it.
First, I had previously tightened the X axis belt and felt that it may be a smig too tight. I adjusted it.
I was testing and starting to check out the things that those that responded suggested. As a base line I picked the letter T from a bold font, made it about 1 inch wide at the cross bar and inverted it so the top is now the bottom and started a job engraving on card stock. So the T started engraving. Only a small portion was complete and I turned to so something and heard a loud clunk or mild bang… a mechanical sound. I turned to find the T was now about 1 inch to 1 & 1/4" to the left from where it started. I stopped the job. My very first thought was, “What now!”. I changed out the paper and started the job again… It was working. The T was where it was supposed to be and there were NO issues . No squiggly / skipping teeth kind of issues.
I have done a few hours on the laser since an it has been perfect.
Thanks to all that responded. I have no idea what happened, but my prayer was answered.
I realize that this post is informative, but not very diagnostically beneficial. I wish I could share what was wrong and how to fix it, but I cannot. Perhaps someone will have a guess at what it was by the detail I have put here.
Again, thank you for all that responded.

It jumped 1-1/4" all of a sudden and now it seems fine?

Is it possible that you have a loose set screw on the motor sprocket and it can wiggle around some and maybe even make a full spin on the motor shaft and then get jammed up tight again?

Yes sir. I know there has to be a reason, but I am at a loss for finding it. As for the loose set screen, that is not something I thought to check. I will check it. I would think that the issue would have surfaced when doing Line and not Fill if it were as simple as the sprocket being unsecured. Stranger things have happened though… I will reply after checking on this.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I have not yet checked the set screw. I did not want this thread to close until I do. Hopefully later today 6/6/20.

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