Start button stopped working -- send and save work fine (MacOS Ruida 6445)

Hi, unusual behavior started yesterday when I tried to print a new file. When I hit “Start” my laser registers the job and begins counting the seconds into the job, but nothing happens. When I hit “Stop” it stops counting.

I can click “Send” and the file shows up in my file list and I can print from there. It also works fine saving the file to a memory stick and transferring it to the machine.

Older files that I made work fine with the Start button.

I downloaded the Mac update before this started, and saved the previous version just in case. The behavior is the same with both the old and new version.

Any ideas? Have I inadvertently clicked a setting somewhere?

Thanks Oz. It’s working again!

Using a MacBook Pro, 2019, 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9, OS Big Sur 11.5 beta.

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