"Start Here" + Overcut features have errant cut on finish shape

I had reported this back in March but it appears to have been missed. Start From Here with OverCut has issue
However, I did not describe it well either back then.

The issue/bug is that when using the “Start Here” feature from the preview window, AND when Overcut feature is in use on the shape/layer, AND when saving the gcode as a file, then there is an errant cut made in the last XY move while the laser/plasma is on.
Here are the files to demo the issue.
Start Here w overcut has bug.lbrn (4.6 KB)
Start Here - no overcut no bug.nc.txt (249 Bytes)
Start Here - w overcut has bug.nc.txt (260 Bytes)

Please advise if user error or bug. Thanks.


I’ve assigned this to myself and I’ll take a look shortly.

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