Start of burn path missing (varying amounts)

I think this is a hardware issue… see attached pictures…

When it burns it SOMETIMES misses part of the burn path at the start.

I am using an Acro Laser home made hardware setup that uses an EleksMaker Mana SE board with an Arduino nano on it. I have tried various versions of 1.1e and 1.1f firmware. Doesn’t seem to make a difference.

So each picture shows 4 seperate burns of the same item just moved around on the page (in software) and printed again. Worth noting that I have tried printing the same thing over and over again just physically moving the paper I was burning onto and had the same (varying) results so it isn’t that LightBurn is doing something different because the drawing changed… I don’t blame LightBurn at all.

It is as if the laser is slow to come on by random amounts for some strange reason.

I experimented with optimize cut path and communications buffered or synchronous, no change as the pictures show. Stuill random.

I have tried laser mode on and laser mode off.


Is this a diode laser on white paper? If so, try darker paper. :slight_smile:

White surfaces reflect most of the energy from a visible light diode, so they don’t burn well. Once they finally do burn and the color changes, it rapidly absorbs more energy and keeps the burn going, so what you’re seeing here is common for the starting point of diode engraving on white surfaces.

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Well I feel like a NOOB… (I am…)

Put in a piece of wood and 100% burn every time.

Too funny. I had been using scrap wood for all my noob testing but I had a couple of reams of card stock laying around and I thought "this stuff is great, nice and thick and stiff, easy to see, perfect practise material… Then I spent hours of my life looking at firmware and the laser and LightBurn settings and the phase of the moon…

Guess that card stock wasn’t such a great idea after all. I’ll go buy a ream of grey card stock…


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