Start/Stop line

Is there a way, within the lightburn software, to tell it where to start/stop the the laser?
In the case of these hearts, in the butt or the tip of the heart is best to hide that line.
(Ignore material question in the picture… that was something else i was working through).

It’s a chinese laser with 100watt and a ruida controller

If it’s a mark where the laser is starting the cut try to use the ‘lead in’ in the advanced tab.

Screenshot from 2021-12-14 17-48-44

Notice the entry on the right… A negative number will make it on the inside…

3mm is kind of excessive, but I hope you get the idea. And it solves the problem.

You can change the ‘start’ position to any ‘node’ also.


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You can use the “set shape start point” tool to control where the entry point starts. It’s the tool near the bottom of the left side toolbar.

You may need to ungroup objects if you are working with nested shapes.

Also, make sure that the optimization setting for “choose best starting point” is not enabled or what shows there could be overrided. However, any manual change will not get overriden even with that option selected.

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This looks like the simplest option so far and might solve the line left behind after a cut through.

It doesn’t move the starting point though. :thinking:

That was exactly what i was after. that worked brilliantly, thank you.

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I was very happy when I found this myself. It’s critical for any melty material. I cut a lot of foam and this helps a ton with surface finish.

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You need to have a ‘node’ to move it too…


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