Starting the Light burn camera

I hate to be the guy that starts a new thread when the answer is out there but cant find it with the search. Sorry,
I just installed my new Lightburn camera ( 4k 95 ) and watching the install video step by step and when I get to the part where you select the light burn camera on the right hand side the camera view does not show up go to the windows tab select the camera lens adj. the program lock up. Yes restarted many times (its a new laptop running windows 10)
Anyone know what I need to do?

You probably need to add LightBurn to the camera permissions in Windows 10. Not sure where that is, but I remember that was a solution to this problem. Maybe try searching on “LightBurn Camera Permission Windows 10”

Found that it appears to be on

Can you try with the Windows Camera app? If you can see the camera from there, it might be a security or permissions thing. If that app doesn’t see it, it could be a bad cable or camera (they happen). If that’s the issue we’ll get you a replacement.

ok I got picture when I accessed it through the camera app., I have all permissions on. MaCaffee has run out of date and I have not renewed it. Next advice please?

Hunter you are having the exact same problem I am having. I have searched throughout the forum and even online and not finding a answer to this problem. I just got my camera today and cant even use it in lightburn. It knows its there shows it in the list but if I select it freezes the lightburn program up.

yes sir that’s it. they suggested trying it in the windows camera app and it works there when you hit the reverse camera button Like on a phone where you want it to use the other camera.

Mine works when I do that and it looks great. Problem is when I go to use it in lightburn. In lightburn it shows it in the list and then when I do select it it just says Not Responding and locks up the program

EXACTLEY what mine does! now if we can get some help

when I look at devices in windows it shows up under audio ??? that seams weird to me, but I’m not a computer guy either

I can’t find answers to this anywhere. I have looked at the permissions and all looks good. I even disabled my security to see if that was causing the problem as well. Nothing seems to solve this problem. It must just be a few users having this problem as they sell the heck out of these cameras and only a few of us are having problems with this.

Mine does the same thing. Shows up under “Audio” Doesn’t seem right to me either

yes I agree I deleted my security it was out of date New computer here but it had run out and I haven’t renewed it yet so I deleted it to make sure that wasn’t it.

Are you using a trial version? Just wondering if they don’t have some things locked out on the trial

Not that I know of, nothing said so when I ordered it.

Well I guess were at their mercy, I work during the day, and I understand they do to. so its email and here is all we got. It appears they are small and have limited customer support available.

Nothing in the trial is locked except for the time you have to test it.

This thing sure doesn’t work and Hunter and I seemed to have tried what we believe to be everything

I can assure you LightBurn has a relatively large number of field-tested and running camera installations for all supported OS versions and different laser environments which we support daily.

We understand you are having issues as we can see these posts. We ask for your patience as we investigate this further so we can provide the best possible solution. :slight_smile:

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Rick, I understand there are so many different versions of computers out there and so many versions of windows. I know you guys are doing your best to help all of us out. Not that we don’t have patience its just that at times we all get a little frustrated when things don’t work.

I totally understand your point. And I for one appreciate all the time you support guys put in trying to help us all out. I am a maintenance electrician and run into the same things every day.