Still seeing a bug in virtual arrays with variable text

I previously reported a similar bug.

I have a very simple example file with ‘dd’ as the text, set to “serial number”. I see the same issue / behavior if I’m using a CSV file as input.


If I put this text in a virtual array, it does not update when I hold the “test” button in the variable text panel. It does update correctly if I create a non-virtual array.


Note that the top right field is set to offset of 4 and then duplicated with the array tool.

Here’s how the two arrays were created.

Left column (virtual array):

Right column (physical array):

The sample file is attached:
virtual array variable text bug.lbrn2 (35.9 KB)

I can reproduce this on Win11 beta 1.4.04.

Both Test and Bake do not increment the value.

However, the Preview does work correctly.

Let’s see if @adammhaile has a perspective on this.

I have this also on 1.4.03, Win10. Mine does NOT display correctly in preview. ie, no incrementing.

I prefer to work with virtual arrays but static arrays are an acceptable workaround. I never even considered reporting this as a bug. Just figured it was a limitation of the virtual array.

I’m using win10

This is, unfortunately, as designed. I’ll talk to the content team about updating the docs to make this more obvious.

It’s a complicated subject because of the way that virtual arrays are implemented (do to interactions between the software implementation and how it’s sent to some of the hardware) but at this time, no, the in window preview for virtual arrays will not update with variable text. Though it should work in the preview and actual output.

@cggorman can you send me a project file that’s not working even in preview for you? It absolutely should.

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