Still unable to get the Lightburn camera to not have a zoomed in image when updating overlay

So, after the last Lightburn update the camera has not functioned correctly. Am I to assume that Lightburn is unaware of this issue or there is no direct support from Lightburn? I have disconnected the camera restarted Lightburn, rebooted the pc, calibrated until the sun doesn’t shine and there is no correction happening. So at this point just give up? Never. Any ideas? All are welcome. Thanks ahead of time.

You could. We are here and ask you to be patience and kind. We are a very small team supporting a relatively large user base. We provide support here. We provide support via email and try to offer help on a bunch of the socials as well.

We were not aware of this until now. First report of this kind. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Please share, OS and version, LightBurn version, which camera, and some screenshots showing us what you are seeing.

Edit: Sorry, I do see you posted about this before. Investigating further…

I’ve seen 2 previous topics with similar symptoms where this was resolved.

In one this was resolved with a reboot. That’s clearly not the fix here.

In the other I want to say that the person had to correct the work area size of the bed. You’d have to confirm whether or not that was the case here. Seems unlikely.

Edition Windows 10 Pro

Version 21H2

Installed on ‎4/‎21/‎2021

OS build 19044.1645

Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0

OmTech R/B 100w Ruida 644XG Firmware RDLC-V8.00.67

Can you confirm that you’ve gone through the camera calibration and camera alignment processes?

Yes, I have done both the calibration and alignment process many times.
I have even tried with a different camera. I get the same results. The camera is automatically zoomed in on the bed of the laser and as a result the accuracy of the laser head is nowhere near the selected location on the bed of the laser.

This seems odd.

Try one thing. Go through alignment again and when you’re about to burn the alignment targets can you explicitly set or change the scale factor? Do the alignment markers cover a good portion of the bed?

Will do. I have some more things to try tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

Ok, It appears that the issue has been resolved.
The cure;
Cover the laser bed completely with a white surface. Then do the camera lens calibration with dot matrix.
Increase the size of the alignment target to fill the laser bed. Then align.
Adjust the offset by targeting a few locations on a cutout and tweeking until laser head is at the targeted location.


Maybe update the calibration procedure in Lightburn just a little.

Thanks for all who helped.

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