Stop button in lightburn stops axis not laser

Updated LB to the latest ver.(1.60). Lost all settings. Running SM2.0. Using GRBL-M3. Got laser working again, but have 2 small issues. 1- When I press stop in LB, all axis does stop, but laser stays on. It will stop using M5 or if I press pause before pressing stop. 2- When framing the laser does not start until I open the enclosure door for a second. Then the laser fires as normal. Also I do not get any read from my controller, and $$ in the console show unknown command.

Hi Larry - GRBL-M3 is an older implementation of GRBL, could you tell us what hardware you’re running with this device profile? Is it the snapmaker listed in your user profile?

Yes it is the hardware in my profile. Tried Snapmaker Marlin and Marlin in the machine list, but I don’t get a connection.