Stop from going back to origin after completing the cut

I have my machine set to “start from current position”.
If I am simply cutting a line from left to right, I move the laser head to the beginning of the line on the left, LB cuts the line, and then after it finishes, it returns back to where it started. How do I make LB not return to where it started; basically stopping at its last position?

I am building a new cnc machine that requires this action, and would like to use LB with it.

My current laser uses a Ruida controller, but the new system will use a GRBL controller…


Is it the grbl or Ruida you are trying to halt?


I need this capability on my new machine… GRBL OpenBuilds BlackBox

Not completely certain but it may be as simple as disabling this feature in Edit->Device Settings.

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I will give this a try and report back…

That did not seem to work. Still goes back to where it started…

Is there a particular reason you want it stay put after it’s done? Maybe there’s an alternative you could follow.

Try one thing, can you save the gcode using the button in the laser window and upload here? You may need to change file extension to .txt in order to upload here.

I am adding CNC to my wife’s longarm quilting machine.

It will stitch the decorative pattern from the left to the right, then when it is complete, it must stop at the last point… otherwise it would stitch a straight line back to the origin.

So you’re using LightBurn to control the path for the quilting operation?

So it needs to be absolutely still after the last stich?

Yes and Yes.

Okay. Interesting scenario.

Are you certain that you disabled the option specified? Just ran a test with gcode and I can’t see that it would have moved after the last operation.

Are you able to save example gcode with the option enabled and disabled and post here? The simpler the test the better. Like a straight line.

New info: If the “start from” is set to “current position”, it will always return to its’ starting point (per LB support). No way to change that.

Suggestion was to use “user origin or absolute coords”.
I will not have limit switches to “home” the device, so I believe I will have to use “start from” / “User Origin”.

Testing that now with just a simple 10mm line in the X-direction…

With the proper startup procedure and grbl configuration you can use absolute coords. I assume startup position at power cycle is 0,0. If so, startup the machine with the quilting head in the front left position.

Assuming you have the right workspace size in LB setup properly then Absolute Coords should work fine. You need to make sure GRBL is also setup accordingly.

By the way, my test with the Device Setting disabled was with Absolute Coords so that might explain the difference.

Also, if user origin works, you could just set user origin the same as current position and be done with it.

Just confirmed that using Current Position will return back to starting position.

User Origin behaves like Absolute Coords so also confirmed.

I’d like to use the “Set Origin”… but it does not appear to work. The values next to the “Get Position” do not change to 0,0 after hitting the “Set Origin” button…

You may want to test user origin anyway. I don’t recall if that’s how it worked in terms of Get Position.

Everything works as needed if I use absolute coords and have my line start at the global 0,0

But if I have my line drawn somewhere else, I am unable to tell LB that this is the User Origin and start from that point.

I would first “Move Laser to Selection”, then I’d hit the “Set Origin”. But it doesn’t reset the position to 0,0. Maybe there is something I need to do with the controller for it to accept the “Set Origin” command?

I don’t think it needs to be set to 0,0 for user origin to work. Have you tried running the operation?

What do you mean about the “line start”? You should be able to position the line at any arbitrary position in the workspace and have this work.

Question, would it be an acceptable workflow to manually edit the gcode for current position to remove the command to revert to starting position? Then you could just run the gcode.

I did try that operation and it doesn’t reassign the origin.

Need to create a simple workflow, don’t want to edit g-code.