Stopping head from returning home after a job

Need to engrave something with a lip on it… How do I make laser start and stop within the confines of product? Using LB on a Boss 1416

If you run the job in “Current Position” mode it should stop back where you started. Test it with a simple circle or similar to be sure, but that should work.

Within the Ruida controller’s User Parameters find the “Back Position” setting. It may be called various things depending on the controller or firmware you have (on mine it is called Return --> Return Position). You have the following options to choose from:

  • Absolute Origin *
  • Docking Point (go to a predefined X, Y coordinate)
  • Origin **
  • Not Return (stop where the job stops)

I starred Absolute Origin and Origin because these two will act in tandem to your selections in LightBurn.

To get my head back to the exact same point as where I placed the head before starting the job, I set the controller’s return position to Absolute Origin and I run the job in LightBurn with Start From set to Current Position.

From Ruida’s controller manual:

Back Position: The origin (the relative origin) and the machine’s absolute origin can be selected. This parameter decides the parking position of laser head after each work."


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