Stops half way through

when using Lightburn the program gets stuck and then carries on in a new position
I have just moved across from Laser GRBL to Lightburn so still finding my feet as a desktop hobbyist.

It is possible your problem is similar to this post

See JohnJohn’s reply, which might be relevant to your case.

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This is beginning to get frustrating now especially as i have now paid for the full version.
I get around the same point in the engraving and then it grinds to a stop and then go’s off to a new position and carries on.
the cable to the laser is now nowhere near any other cable and the USB to the PC is also away from other cables.
I have allowed Lightburn access through the firewall but still says no network connection.
I’m new to this so any help will be mush appreciated.

I’d like to know more about your engraver.
Would you be interested in telling me more about the controller.
Communications problems with some of the ESP32 devices are beginning to surface.

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Hi John
It’s only a small desktop machine one of the 3018 Pro range with a 5w laser and I think it called a GRBL controller the board has Woodpecker CNC CANXTOOL V3.1 on it.
I have ironed out some of the problems by going slower with lower power.
I think one of the problems was on small letters it was too fast and the juddering was detrimental to the smooth action.

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