3018 Pro Maxx - engraving halts at different times

Hi, i have the same Problem with V 1.1.04. But there is no constant. Sometimes at 57 percent, sometimes at 2 percent, the burning process breaks off. Sometimes there is no termination. It just says “busy” in the progress bar. Only pull out the USB plug, deselect the port in the program and re-integrate everything and you can start all over again.
It started with 1.1.03 and continues with 1.1.04.

This is a different machine, a different problem and a different diagnostic path.
It’s better to start your own thread and this way the solution can be approached more directly.
A Job halting at different points (randomly) often has an environmental cause.

I would like some further information and description around, “Sometimes there is no termination.”

When there is termination is there an error message in the Console window? If so - please copy and paste the message into a reply here with a few of the surrounding lines so we can see the cause of it.
When there is no termination - does the Busy bar in the Laser window continue to progress or does progress stop?

I have a 3018 and I generated a similar problem by having an exhaust fan near the engraver.
Noise on the USB cord from the electric motor caused interference and made the GRBL engraver just stop dead but LightBurn kept running.

Are you using a short, shielded USB cable with ferrite beads on it? Do you have a spinning machine near by? Even the compressor on a window A/C unit could interfere with communication.

If you are willing, unplug possible Radio-Noise generating equipment nearby and repeat the job.

I resolved the noise problem by plugging the fan into a different outlet, on a different circuit in the house with an extension cord.

Did anything else change in the room prior to the upgrade to 1.1.03?


Yes, your reply makes a lot of sense. I am a great believer in the liberal use of ferrite rings. Place one on each end of the USB cable and place one on the power supply lead, close to the unit. Get ferrite rings with a larger diameter than the cable diameter so that you can wind two or three turns on the ferrite ring. This greatly increases its effectiveness.

In this way I solved a severe problem with quite insane interference emitted by one of my monitors.


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