Strange cutting

Why does it do like this ?
It started fine, but after a while it doesn´t cut
Here is what happen after a while

Here is the picture I am trying to make

I don’t know that hardware well enough. I would contact JTech to see if they have guidance here. It could be focus, maybe? Or overheating? I can’t see from the video if the power is lower than it was for the part that worked, but if the beam is lower power, it could be overheating.

Hi Oz
The power is the same from start to the point where it´s failed
and the focus is ok, I have just readjust it
I don´t know about overheating

What is overheating?
And how can I fix it? if I need to

I have solved the problem
I had put the fan contact in wrong place :frowning:
so the problem with bad image was probably overheating

Glad to hear you figured it out!

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Yes, Now I can focus to get nice pictures :slight_smile:
Thx to you Sir…
You made me thinking

Another question:
Is it difficult to do it on acrylic ?

With a visible-light laser you won’t be able to engrave clear acrylic because the light will just pass through it. You can mark the surface with a marker or paint, and that will let you engrave it. If the acrylic is colored or opaque it will be much easier to mark it.

Could I glue a black paper on the backside
will that do ?

It would probably burn the paper and get it stuck to the acrylic, but it might work. I can’t say for certain as I’ve never done it.

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I´ll give it a try after I have finished my cat project.
and a dog project to a friend.
Once again a BIG thx for all the help

Kristian, If you are up for trying on glass, your “black paper” idea produced very good results as recently posted. Take a look at the link below for more. :wink:

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