Strange Engrave Issues when power increase

Hi Guys,

Has anyone had the issue when they increase the power and the engraving gets really bad, I went from 12% power 65 Speed in image on where the image is normal to 13% power speed 65 for image 2 and it just gets worse. Went back down to 12% for image 3 to make sure i wasnt going crazy

I have also tried PWM Raising Edge and this didnt work just makes things worse

Machine: 4060 50w Chinese Laser with Ruida Controller

Any advice would be appreciated


Video of the Issue

Maybe your power adapter doesn’t reach?

What do you mean power adapter? I can cut at 80% power it’s just an issue with my engraving

Sorry, misintepreted… Looks like middle image has more noise in surrounding areas too. You use air to blow away smoke?

It’s exactly same image same speed same login the machine, I move the wood each time. Air assist yea with just changing power from 12% to 13%(or above)

More power, more burn, more smoke, which distorts the laserbeam…

Doesn’t change the image output and 1% more power on a 50w laser j doubt that’s going to make a difference

I’m not new to owning a laser and have never seen this issue

This is another example of what the image looks like when run above 12% power

I will also add that cutting normal works fine, the issue is engraving

I’m failing to see the problem - you keep the speed the same but increase the power and the quality drops? That’s what I would expect to see, as more power means more ablation at a higher temperature, with associated smoke adherence and heat discolouration.

You’re raising the light pressure without any other compensation.

If you raise the power to 65%, while keeping the speed the same, does it cleanly etch a mm or so?

And what are you trying to achieve with the change in power? Your initial engraving looks fine.

Can you see the image? It’s not the same image it’s all squashed up and it’s like missing steps when I go above 12% so it’s not like I’m running a lot of power

Normally when you increase the power the burn is deeper not skewed or distorted

Oh, I (didn’t) see :slight_smile:

Lemme have a closer look.

This is the same image but changing the power above 12%

Oh - you’re right, that is really weird.

What kind of a power supply do you have on your machine? A separate one for laser, controller, or a combo unit?

Seperate with ruida controller

So any power above 12% causes these artefacts? What about a 20mm circle?

So you have a high tension psu for your laser and a separate 24V switched-mode supply for your controller?

And lets try and stay in sync with messaging - it’s getting difficult to follow multiple posts

If I cut it’s all good and cuts clean but if it an engrave it does this and doesn’t matter if it’s an image or vector

So offset the circle and fill it and run it at 15% and what happens?

I can’t atm as it’s getting late here but it does the same thing

The weird thing is that the image is perfect at 12% power, above 12% the machine has noises and feels like it’s missing steps