Strange engraving issue

VERY STRANGE ENGRAVING ISSUE. Did anyone experience a similar issue? At the start point and at the end of an engraving are perfect, everything else in between is blurred. Alignment of mirrors are perfect, FL is not loose, focus distance is perfect all the way, x axis bearings are new. Is not backlash because edge engraving are also perfect… If anyone can help, it would be very appreciated

Does it happen on all subjects or only the big ones ?, I wonder if your bed bulges up in the middle.

it happens on all objects. has nothing to do with bed, even if i engrave something 200mm or 1000mm the sides are perfect and all in the middle blurred…

Possibly an offset scanning issue. Check in Device Settings to adjust this.

Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation

If not, can you attach a photo of an actual sample that shows the issue?

It looks a lot like an offset problem. I’m guessing your acceleration or speed settings are not quite right. It is as if the machine does not have time to slow down once it is in motion.

thank you for spending time looking on my problem. those are my settings if can have a look at them if something is not right.

Since my machine is somewhat smaller, it will not fit to clone my settings. Just wait a minute, I guess something comes in here with a similar machine and the necessary experience.

Try turning overscan on for the burn. If you the lines at both ends also start showing the problem then most likely just an offset alignment issue.

The values seem low for acceleration, especially for a servo system. My stock China Blue ‘stepper’ had 3,000mm/s^2 acceleration setting.

I hope you made a backup of the configuration before you changed anything…


There is a lot that looks different as in my machine settings but it is also a somewhat larger beast. Too bad no one with a comparable machine looks in here.

I was going to construct a machine and I looked at servos… After choking on the costs, I relented back to steppers. In the end, I bought one that I hacked up…

One of the problems with ‘exotic’ devices, you may ‘own’ the problem. No one else can duplicate it without equivalent hardware…

I’m looking for another, some kind of internal defect in my brain, an RF or Galvo

@OXRA good luck


Look again at your start and end samples. They are NOT ok. If you blow them up, you can clearly see that each line follows the error that is exaggerated in the center ones. At first glance, I did think they were ok. So there is something mechanical / settings a bit off on your machine.

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