Strange Happenings - cut inside to outside not working

Ver 0.8.07
Win 10
Ruida 6442
The current project I’m cutting is 296mm wide x 602mm high with 100 or so pieces. I’ve got it set up in 4 layers and multiple groups. I do multiples of this particular model and try cutting from the top and from the bottom to see if the cut speeds vary at all. If I cut from the bottom up the model cuts fine, if I cut from the top down the last couple of items, both in the same layer, it cuts the outside first and then cuts the inside pieces. I can change the priority to make it cut correctly but it it should always cut from inside to outside. Any ideas?

Make sure the things you think are outlines are actually continuous, connected shapes. Someone else is having a similar issue, and the answer might be the same for you:

If that’s not it, let me know, and possibly email me the file so I can look at it.

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Thanks Oz. File looks “ok”. I’ll try deleting and adding a few things plus regrouping and see what happens.

If you send it to me by email (or post it here) I can take a look. Grouping can be misleading - A collection of four lines may look like a square, but to LightBurn it’s still treated as four distinct objects that can be cut independently. The file in the post I linked above was doing this - the objects looked like they were continuous, but weren’t.