Strange Line Artifacts Part 2

This post is to continue my first post on this topic which was NEVER resolved and is now closed:

I’m now getting lines burning into the white spaces of my fonts:

These artifacts look like you’ve enabled “Smoothieware Clustering” in Edit > Device Settings, but don’t have the firmware that supports it.

The artifacts you showed in your other post looked like overlaps in our preview rendering when using grayscale shading, and don’t affect the final output.

@psynaut can provide additional info if needed, but he also posted on C3D and we’ve narrowed down to the following:

  1. He’s on the latest Cluster firmware version.
  2. The lines have appeared in the output from multiple versions of LightBurn, but he’s currently running 0.9.22.
  3. The artifacts are only appearing on font created in LightBurn, not other raster images without font.
  4. The lines disappear in the text output when clustering is disabled.
  5. The issue can be recreated with multiple fonts.

Any other ideas on what could be causing this?

Paul - Can you email me a project file that produces this effect? I’ll have a look here and see if I can reproduce it.

Here’s the file that has the font issues above:

I did try to send it to you in a message, but it says you’re not accepting messages.

I meant you could send the file to We don’t accept PM’s here because they just get abused - people will PM me with all kinds of things that needn’t be private.

I’ll look at this now.

Edit: The text appears to just be lines, not engraved, or cut out of the image. Is this supposed to be masked?

Yes … for some reason, ever since I upgraded to 0.9.22, masks won’t save. I have to re-mask it every time I open the document.

@adammhaile - Can you look into masks not saving? First I’ve heard this, but it reproduces.

What did you do to reproduce it? I’ve tried on 0.9.22, 0.9.23, 0.9.24, and current development code and am unable to reproduce it. Not with regular shapes or with text.
The file provided by @psynaut has no masks in it at all.
@psynaut if you could provide a screenshot of what that file is supposed to look like with the image masking, it would be helpful. This is all I’m seeing, and I don’t see anything that would logically be masked.

I have reproduced and fixed the issue. It will be in the next release.

I’m glad you got the masking issue sorted out.
Any progress on the Smoothieware Clustering issue?

Not yet - in the process of moving today / tomorrow / thursday, so it’s going to be a couple days past that when I’m able to look at this. Equipment should be set up again by then.

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