Strange Line Artifacts

I’m getting these strange unburned lines artifacts at the edges of my images. These stay consistent on copies but will appear in different areas if I rotate the image.
I checked, updated, and reimported the affected images to make sure there wasn’t any hidden artifact on the image file, and there isn’t. BUT, when I zoom in on preview mode I see that Lightburn has added some strange line artifacts in the dark areas of my image. These appear to be tiny dots when zoomed in. On further inspection, I’m noticing Lightburn is adding these artifacts to all raster images I import. I’m assuming these are creating my line issues??? Note these lines only appear in the burned image when the image has a raster border around it. If I burn the image without a border or with a vector border, these lines don’t appear.
I’m running on Cohesion3D with a 50W laser at 160/48


How does this image look from ‘Preview’? Show how it changes the output please.

Sorry, Rick, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Do you want an image of the complete final burn?

Ah, let me try to explain. :slight_smile: The ‘Preview’ window is where you can preview what will be sent to the laser. Click the ‘TV’ icon near the top-center of the UI to expose this ‘Preview’. I am asking to see that window to determine if these artifacts are actually in the job sent or something else is happening.

You say you get different results if you include / exclude a border of some sort. I want you and I both to “see” if this is making any change to what LightBurn will send. I am also wanting to see if these artifacts are in the preview at all.

Please show us where you are seeing this. Use your system ‘PrintScr’ or a screen capture when sharing. On this end, it is very difficult to see clearly from cellphone pictures of a monitor screen.

Got ya, Here are some more screen grabs from the preview window at different zoom levels. The artifacts are always present in the preview, in the same places with or without border.

Also, I just finished another engraving of this with a vector border with no issues. I’d have no problem just using vector borders, but because they engrave at a 2 second pass to the raster, it double my engraving time … unless there’s a way to have the raster and vector engrave at the same time?

Thank you, yes, I can see what you are identifying. Are these in the source art as well? Have you processed this image outside LightBurn prior to import?

They are not there in the original image. I’ve reprocessed the image and exported both as a PNG and Jpeg from Photoshop with the same results, just to make sure.
Note, I just tested making a new file with some vector shapes drawn in Lightburn and artifacts are present in the preview:

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

Sorry to not have let you know earlier, researching and have asked for feedback and for this to be reviewed.

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