Strange pattern emerging part 2

Back at it, I had to start a new thread because my old one was closed two days ago. If a mod wants to reopen and merge these I am ok with that, otherwise the conversation can continue here.

I finally found the time to begin programming a new controller. I got the ESP32duino, which I have loaded Grbl_Esp32 onto. I have created my own machine file and am gearing up to connect it in the next few hours. It seems risky as this is the most busy time of year for me, but the strange pattern keeps popping up and I am starting to receive complaints. I need this problem to go away.

Grbl_Esp32 has a setting explicitly made to adjust the PWM frequency for the laser power. I am going to start at 1khz which is where plain old grbl defaults at. I do have concerns about the laser power supply being able to sample at higher rates, but that is out of my area of expertise. I have found a couple threads here and here talking a little bit about this topic, but nothing definitive.

Once I get the new controller up and working the same as my old controller, I will start messing around with adjusting the PWM frequency for the laser power. I will try and report back with any findings. If anyone has anything to add or comment on I’m all ears.


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