Strange Power Scale Commands Sent to Ruida Controller

Hi everyone! My first post here after unsuccessful searching through the forum. I have downloaded power scale test files from and have had strange things occur running various jobs on different thickness of baltic birch plywood.

Despite layers being set up correctly, oddly the even valued speeds reduced the 70% power scale dramatically and for odd valued speeds it did it correctly. Note the example here that shows where a 60% power cut went all the way through the material but not the 70%.

I am running v1.0.2 on a Macbook Air running 10.12.6. My Thunder Nova 51-100W has a Ruida RDLC-V8.07.69 controller. I am connected via USB and despite some of the reported issues can still run most jobs just fine. Only this power scale issue has popped up several times and one instance where my air assist wasn’t activated properly when running the job directly from LightBurn (streaming vs sending the file over and manually running). Could all of this be another example of strange USB connected behavior? Before I run 50+ feet of ethernet cable and drill holes through walls I’d like to get people’s opining whether or not going the LAN route vs USB would fix my issues.

There are several places I would check and verify if this were my machine.

Thanks a lot, Jeff! I appreciate the suggestions and will look into these.

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