Struggling to Engrave Yeti

Struggling to engrave a Yeti - Using Atomstack A5 Pro - It etches the paint but does not get down to the base material (Shiny) - It darkens the enamel but does not burn through it for a clean image. What settings should I try?

Buy yourself a sacrificial tumbler or cup and run some material test grids all over it. That’s the best way to find settings for your own personal laser and material. Judging from the limited info you aren’t running high enough power or are moving too fast. I’m not familiar with Atomstack really but isn’t that a 40w laser? It has plenty of power to get through paint or powdercoating, just have to get the settings right.

I think I’d follow @brentgrizzle suggestion…

Remember when you post, we can’t see what you see. A short typewritten description of a photo rarely portrays a complete image that’s being described.

Attach a photo of the finished product along with the settings you’re using, speed/power/interval

All of these effect what kind of answer you end up with …

When someone posts it doesn’t work – we can’t do much with that… the more information or at least the basics help.