Stucki Dither vs Jarvis dither

Left eye is with Stucki dither

Right eye is with Jarvis dither

Same photo…same LightBurn settings

2.5 watt Eleksmaker

White tile method
Plus B/W photo


amazing results,
picture on the right seems a little sharper to me, picture on the left gives an even less grainy impression. I think it depends very much on the subject (picture), which dither to use.

More detail is retained

At first glance it seems sharper however a lot of detail is lost. Look at the fence in the reflection in the eye . The bars in the fence are gone.

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it is my fault, i thought the left image is sharp and i also noticed the lost bars in the right image

Looks like both are the same right eye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I prefer the Jarvis’d one. Yes, less details but also less grainy on gray transitions.

For me the grainy one is more sentimental. It reminds me of the Kodak Tri-X Black and White film I used to roll and develop my own . The grain We’re as a result of the the silver grains/particles on the celluloid.

The irony for today’s digital photographers is that they try emulate that film grain with filters in Photoshop.

I do like the grain …a lot!

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I like “breathing” grains in vintage motion films, less in a still pictures but i get that. This is the power of nostalgia. I miss my late father’s AM car radio and the static noise during bad reception. i loved the fact that i could virtually map in my mind the radio waves peaks, troughs and strength according to how clear the radio show was coming through the statics and vice versa.

I still listen to soccer/football games on a portable AM transistor radio rather then watch it on TV.

It reminds me of listening to the games with my grandpa in Europe when I was young. He’s gone now but let me tell you when ever I hear a soccer game on an AM radio I am taken back to my childhood. The reception coming in and out exactly as you describe it.

Great reminiscing with you @Squid

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@Sasquatch and all,
For old times’ sake, Here’s a fascinating article about Kodak’s T-GRAIN Emulsion crystals.


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