Suggested Camera for co2 laser

I am looking for a camera for my china laser and a bracket for the camera any suggestions.

I haven’t received this yet so can’t report on function, but after a fair bit of looking I ended up ordering a 13MP camera off Amazon. I posted about it here:

Since Lightburn’s own camera is 8MP, I am hoping that this one works even better, i.e. zooming in close even on the 8MP camera is still a little fuzzy even though it’s completely functional and adequate.
It’s got an enclosure included and the mount should be easy to install - I plan on mounting (screws or epoxy maybe) it to a small flat base and double-side tape that to the laser lid.

Your field of view (FOV) needs to be correct so you should look into what you need on that because there are other FOV angles available for different cameras.

Anyways, this is the camera I ordered, for what it’s worth:

p.s. one reason I ordered this camera is because Lightburn’s camera is probably out of stock for a while as far as I know. Also picked this particular one because I’m hoping it’s a very high-quality image (it’s not exactly cheap money).
You can find 8MP for less $$ and 5MP for even less, and that would probably also include a housing/mount.

I have a Logitech C930e and it works great with light burn and my Mac!

The best option is to determine where you will mount the camera, measure the distance from the camera to the bed, use the Camera Selection Help in LightBurn, and order the resulting camera from LightBurn.



I was also looking for a camera with metal housing and a higher resolution. After some searching I found this one, which I think is a really good upgrade.

I want to use it for a more industrial grade laser with 300W Co2 for cutting and 90W Co2 for engraving.
Bedsize 51" x 35"
What do you think about that camera?

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