Suggestions to engrave Textile Vinyl

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Anyone in here tried to cut textile vinyl ? the one to make tshirts. Any parameter recomendations ? I was thinking 1000 speed and 15% power. What do you think ?

This vinyl is thicker than the basic one, and im using Diode Laser machine Atomstack A5 20 W.

You cannot cut or engrave vinyl with a laser. It will emit chlorine gas when cut.


Thank you so much for the advise. The textile vinyl PU its dangerous too ?

Some are, some are not. I’ve heard of laser safe transfer vinyl but never seen or used it. You would need to request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the manufacturer and confirm for any you want to use.
In general though, if it has vinyl in the name it is best to keep it away from your laser.

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Understood. Better stay away from Vinyl. Thank you for your help

With PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), the “C” is the bad stuff when hit with a laser. :skull_and_crossbones: It is always a good idea to check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the manufacturer, as @adammhaile suggests.

There are options for pvc-free heat transfer material. Some providers still put “vinyl” in the product name, which can be confusing.

And here is just one post from this forum covering this.


OMG Rick, thank you so much for all this ultra mega valuable information. Im going to read all of it: I really really thank you :smiley: : i have only left to test on this and glass once i order my R3 Atomstack roller. Once i finish all my tests im gonna post it , because the help i receive from all of you since i starded really helps me a lot.

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@adammhaile @Rick Thanks to all the info , i really think its worth buying this products. Im from Mexico, wher e alot of sellers sell ( the most) the corean cheap pvc vinyl, wich also can say its free from it, surely just for sell. Im gonna save a bit more and buy from this sellers you tell me.

Sadly theres a lot of youtubers from Spain and latin America who shows they can work on vinyl but they dont talk about the difference beetween the dangerous one and the real one friendly with laser machines. In fact they dont even respond users making these kind of questions.

Thats why i really apreciate the help of this forum and you people.

I attcahed images on imgur so you can see the one i haveVinyl i have

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We often ask a different question when using plastics for Lasers.
Is the material Genuine Vinyl (PVC : Polyvinyl chloride).
Can we verify this with the material safety sheets from the manufacturer.

It saddens me that the safety sheets for your products are not on your website.