Support for big lasers?

Just wondering:

Does Lightburn support (or have any plans to) large industrial machines? We have several Trumpf & Mitsubishi machines (4x8 & 5x10, 1.5kw-4kw) and generally use conventional CAD/CAM software to program them.

I have some family who have gotten into the hobby laser scene (and I get to help since I’m an “expert”), and for some things I’m really jealous of the software. What we have now works fine for mechanical parts, but sometimes customers want something more “artistic” and our software is terrible for that kind of thing. Since Lightburn can work with G-code (what our machines run) can it make code for them? Can the post processors be customized (we had to do this extensively with our current software) by the end user?


LightBurn currently does not provide a post processor. We want to, just going to take some time. :slight_smile:

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If you’d like any help with developing posts for these kinds of machines, let me know. We had to do a lot of work (mostly trial & error, haha) to get BobCAD to give us satisfactory code.


Thank you for this offer. Noted. :wink:

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