Support for Vytek MX3 machine

I have a Vytek MX3-3624 with an ExtraTech Systems M3564 controller board in it. It would be great if you could support this board. If necessary I would be happy to change out the board if you could suggest a replacement that will work with your software? I am sure many other Vytek owners would also jump at the chance to get away from the Laserworx program. If there any other disgruntled Vytek owners out there perhaps you would like to add your comments?

Thanks for the post and welcome Mick! The link I provided via email (same as below) provides the best location to place these requests.

This voting site can be found directly here:

Once you create an account and make your suggestion, share the link back here for additional traction. :slight_smile:

Supporting a controller means I need to get my hands on one to do the required reverse engineering, or have help from the company that makes them, and there needs to be enough demand for that effort to be worth the time it takes. ExtraTech looks like they don’t sell the controllers as stand-alone units, and I haven’t heard of them prior to this, so that doesn’t bode well for getting them supported.

Is yours a glass tube laser with generic steppers, or is the hardware more advanced than that?

I used to own a Vytek, and I know your pain. Biggest issue in a controller swap is that the Vytek machines use servo motors , not stepper motors. I gutted my Vytek and replaced the controller with a Ruida 6445 controller, and replaced the servo motors with stepper motors. It was a major undertaking, and not for the faint of heart. But the build quality of Vytek lasers is phenomenal and worth the effort to upgrade.

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That’s awesome, would you by chance have any photos or other information like which steppers did you use etc.?
Did you have the same ExtraTech controller board M3564 ?
How did/do you find the lightburn program after laserworx or did you use the RD works V8 one?
You are the first person I know of who has already gone down this track, Yay
Many thanks, as you can imagine I have a hundred or so questions to ask you.
I am in Australia, what are your whereabouts may I ask?
Cheers again, I am so happy now!

Hi, it is a fibre laser marker. I would be happy to pull out he controller board and send it to you. The top x and y motors (Teknic M-2311S-LN-16K) appear to be servo’s. The Z axis motor (powerpac N31HRHJ-LNK-NS-00) appears to be a stepper. I can provide photos if that helps at all.
As Grumpy old man stated the build quality on this machine is second to none and very much worth updating. Naturally I would prefer to keep the original controller in if possible as it sounds like a lot of work otherwise. It is worth mentioning that it has a 36 x 24 inch table and it is not a galvo head type. I hope this information might be of some help to other VyTek owners.

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My Vytek was a CO2 machine. I sold it a couple of years ago now, and unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the conversion work.

Thanks grumpy, that’s a shame, would love to see your conversion work.

Interestingly the MX3 shares the same body as the FX3-3624 which is a CO2 laser so perhaps they have the same controller board also? I wonder how many other Vytek/multicam and other machines use this same controller board, would anybody like to pipe in?

If you would like to vote to have your ExtraTech controller board supported by LightBurn you can add your vote here:


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