SVGnest won't accept SVG files exported from Lightburn

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I was trying to export & upload to SVGnest svg files created by lightburn to no avail. I always get different errors while trying to upload these to SVGnest.
Error #1

Error #2

However, it does work with other svg files found on the net

What am i missing?

Can you post the file on a shared drive like Google or Dropbox?

Question for users who have used SVGNest

Looking at a sample nesting output is seems as if the outlines of the shapes merge. That’s a BIG NO NO for cutting
Is that indeed the case do the outlines touch?

Here is what I mean:

Looking forward to the LightBurn solution to nesting. Not liking what I see with SVGNest

Cheers :beers:


I opened the exported file from lightburn using inkscape, then resaved-as inkscape svg format, and now the new file uploads and opens up in SVGnest just fine.

Question is:
In what sense inkscape SVG is different than Lightburn SVG format?

Here’s the same lightburn file after re-saved in inkscape svg format in SVGnest:

Here is Lightburn exported SVG file which SVGnest fails to process:

And this is inkscape format of the same SVG file which SVGnest uploads and open just fine

First thing I had trouble with was the browser I was using. I use Brave Browser which is on the same engine as Chrome. It did not render the site correctly. I then opened the site in Edge also based on Chrome and it worked perfect. There is a gear icon that you can set the distance with. You then have to save the settings.

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While I was working on your files, you posted your update. This is what I found out but do not have an answer. The files you supplied did not upload to SVGnest for some reason. I also received an error. I then opened the file in LB then exported it and that export would upload.

I do not have an answer why the original file would not upload.

I am going to make an educated guess that it got corrupted for one reason or another during the initial export.

@Squid try to re export the initial file and see if you can duplicate the success of @HalfNormal. If you succeed then it most likely was initially corrupted.



Already tried re-importing both files using Lightburn. both opens in lightburn just fine but re-exporting these for SVGnest fails (export’s ok, SVGnest fails). i am running the latest and greatest 0.9.11 on win10/64.

I use Safari and too had problems.

I tried the variable distance between pieces set at 2 and
This was my result:

I increased it to 3 and 4 and it only processed a few pieces yet it was stating that all were processed. I waited lol the way through as many as 11 iterations and still the same result as seen below.

Yeah I’m going to wait for the nesting feature from our own guru wiz at LightBurn .

Cheers and Thank you @HalfNormal


Have you tried exporting anything “real” so far, or just test cases? It appears that SVGNest won’t open a file with an ellipse that doesn’t have the cx & cy properties set. I thought they were supposed to be assumed to be zero if not present.

Interesting, I removed all the ellipses and this did the trick. but why InkScape file works? why Lightburn doen not use the same file structure as InkScape?
I am at a loss for words.

I’m fixing this, but that should get you going. I was surprised when you said SVGNest wouldn’t open a LightBurn export because I’ve used this in the past.

Why did my re-export work and Squids did not? I left the ellipses in.

I wonder the same

You exported from InkScape, correct? I didn’t say ellipses didn’t work, I said they didn’t work when exported from LightBurn, because it omits the center location. (cx,cy). InkScape export puts them back.

Fixed, will be in the next release.

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A good start. now i can practice SVGnest and learn what it can do for me.

I opened the file Squid could not upload to SVGnest in LB. I then exported the file and was able to upload that file to SVGnest. I ran SVGnest and was able to open the resulting SVG file in LB including the ellipses.

Just making sure you used this one - the one exported from my LB but for me failed to load to SVGnest.

Care to share this file after you have re-exported it from your LB? i would like to check it.

I was able to open in SVGnest