Taper warp not working

When I use taper warp and plug in the values and click “ok”, and then immediately go back into taper warp, the values reset to the original settings. Not sure my settings are being applied?

Thank you for reporting this @LambeauLeap. :slight_smile: We are aware and produced a fix, posted earlier today. If willing, you can try our Public Beta for 1.6.00 which includes this fix.

Thanks for the quick response Rick!

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Welcome. Please do let us know how you progress. :slight_smile:

As the original one that reported this issue, I can tell you that it’s fixed and working properly in the 1.7 private Beta. Sounds like the same fix was pushed to 1.6 as well, so I’d be confident that it should be working correctly there as well.

I was able to download the beta version and it seems like it’s working correctly. I am a newbie to this stuff, but just love doing tumblers for my friends and family. Now if I can just figure out how to get a logo on each side of the glass spaced correctly, I’ll be all set!:grin:

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I am using V1.7 and I am having difficulties with Taper Warp. It seems that I can only warp an image once. I have to close and reopen Lightburn in order to change the warp settings. Very possible that I am not doing something correctly…

There was a bug in early version of the 1.7 Beta that did this. Go out and grab the latest build of the Beta and it should be fixed in there.


That did it . Thanks Steve!


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