Test Fire - K40 MINIGerbil

Hi all, I’ve got a k40 and upgraded the board - all seems well. I do however need to align my mirrors and thus need to tear fire. As I have had to replace the board, the controls on the top of the machine no longer function.

How can I execute this in light burn?

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Yo should have a test fire button on the PSU.

But… you should also have wired up all your safety stuff, movement and test fire button to the panel.

I have installed the mini gerbil board which replaced the buttons on the top panned rendering them useless

I got same board and replaced it like they said and all buttons work. That said I only have test button and % buttons.

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really? i have followed the instructions and I have nothing displaying on the top - as per their info you need a 3 way switch to make te buttons work

so i used a macro and managed to get it to test fire with the push of the button and it works great, just wondered if I am able to adjust the power it test fires at? as it just burns clean through the tape and I just want it to mark it so its more clear.


You could try:

G1 F100 S10
G4 P10
G1 F100 S0

M3 sets ‘constant power’ mode
G1 F100 S10 sets you in G1 (feed mode) with 1% power (assuming S-max is 1000)
G4 P10 does a pause for 10 milliseconds (one 100th of a second)
G1 S0 sets the power back to zero
G0 sets you back in rapid mode
M5 turns the beam back off

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