Text Height Bug

Just an odd bug, when you go to type the height of text into the box, it automatically adds .00 to the end of any number you type, which is a pain when you trying to use the decimal positions to fine tune text height.

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Yes, it also does that to the V and H spacing for text. Plus either the text height is off or I don’t understand how text height works.

In the picture below the rectangle in exactly 1 inch high, the text has a height value 1.0, but the text does not fill the rectangle and when the text is selected it is shown as only being .7748 high.

I would have thought that with a text height of 1.0 the text would be draw 1.0 inches tall.

If you had included a capital letter, it would have been the full height. It’s really disorienting to have the text constantly changing height as you type based on the content. If you just typed a decimal point, should that be 1” high? In the height field you’re setting the height of the entire font, not just what you type.

The next release uses the equation entry control for font values, and doesn’t have the decimal appearing at the end problem any more.


I added capital letters and it still looks the same, what am I missing?

The font itself dictates what that height actually means. I tell the font how big I want it, it scales itself. If you want letters that are a specific physical height, use the normal width and height controls after you type your text.

OK, that sounds good. But what does the text height really mean then? Is it the max height a font will be? For example if I wanted to be sure the font would fit in a 1 inch tall box would setting the text height to 1.0 force any font to be less than 1.0 inches tall? Or could a particular font still define itself to be 2 inches tall?

It is usually the height of a capital M, but not required to be. Some fonts interpret it as the height from the lowest descending character, like a lower-case y, to the top of the tallest ascender, like a capital T, but it’s not a hard requirement. Font size in most applications works this way - I just happen to convert “points” to actual size first, so instead of saying “72 point font” you can use 1”.

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