Text not showing up on preview

I have a design I am working on and it has text in several areas where I have filling going on around the text. I actually don’t want the text to engrave at all so that the areas around it will be engraved and the text will stand out. Univ of AL logo.lbrn (764.9 KB) When I preview the text does not show through. I have attached the file for review. I am a new user and just downloaded the software today.

Short answer, set the text to the same ‘Fill’ Layer.

This will help in understanding what is happening and why. :slight_smile:

… I could not resist, Rick’s solution is, as so often, simple and fine

wow, you guys are awesome. I am really looking forward to my machine arriving next week, and with this group behind me how can I fail.

Yeah, did not do a full sweep, to resolve all issues. :wink: Thanks @bernd.dk .

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