The machine has been working fine for 2 weeks but just suddenly today, it stopped working

It was on and connected, working just fine while i was designing something on Lightburn, then it just turned off and wouldn’t turn back on, no unique MSG ether. No red blinker, no blue blinker just nothing but this one red light inside. I thought it was the E-top button getting messed up like some people say online so i shorted it to ignore the E-stop but still nothing. My machine just won’t turn on anymore

I’m sure @OrturTech has a better clue about this… hang on, I’m sure he’ll drop by…


Thank you, my good fellow

Seems hardware
I would qualify as follows
JUST usb, nothing else connected (Unplug laser module as well)
Press power for 5 seconds, any led activity on the motherboard, any computer activity (as usb connection?)

If not, reverse, unplug usb - plug power only. confirm LED is present on power adapter
Any LED activity on motherboard when powering on

If not, we might need to go deeper Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System - i dont come here as often as i should sorry

Guess we should slap you! :crazy_face:

We appreciate it when you do, by all means come by more often…

Thanks for your help…


Laughs! i do apreciate the @mentions that kicks an email. The brain just cant handle all the streams of information so our ticketing is always best when problems require a bit more attention, as i CANT miss them - they are FIFO. Here if i by any chance open the notification and dont answer right away, the odds of it falling to ether are … significant :smiley:

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately nothing seams to happen. i’ve tried the steps twice in alternating fashion to no avail. there is only one light on the board that goes to the UV detector so i know there is power running in but the other two lights (power $ USB) have shown me nothing. Thank you again

Definitly hardware then, please do open ticket

A-okay. Do i just copy paste what i have here?

Oh it seams this another place i’ve asked for help" Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro just turned off and won’t turn back on – Ortur Customer Support ". I guess i shall just wait, Thanks for the help again. I might just have to buy a new board :cry:

That ticket is in cue, will get an answer asap :slight_smile:

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answered. please check

By the way if this is the case you are fully covered under warranty, so is our duty to send you one. not you to buy one :smiley:


Well that’s splendid if it’s the case! oh and i have sent a reply with the info and photos to the ortur site :relieved:

I could not find a direct way to reply in reference to your reply on the ortur site so i just pressed the general reply button on it. do pardon

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