The new upgrade V2 Adapter board not fitting Lasermaster Pro S1

Hello all - I received my new 10a 10w laser module yesterday. It came with VER 2.01*1 Adapter which is not shown on purchasing sites and is not suitable for my model laser. I ordered believing from all you tube videos I’ve watched that the adapter was Ver1. which would have accommodated (OLM2, OLM2 S2, OLM2P S1 and OLM2P S2). Has anybody else got this problem and how did you fix it (Laser master Pro S1). Thanks for any help.

Have you tried installing without the adapter, it may have been included for those with older models.

A link is always nice, as this means very little in the scheme of things. 10A in and 10W out isn’t very efficient are you sure about the numbers?

I highly doubt that the original control boards traces will allow a 10A current flow, so I’d suspect the adapter is required.

If it’s needed and you attempt to run without it, this could damage the main control board if you run it direct.

We are operating in the dark here, you’ve give us very little information to work with and most of these responses have been assumptions.


Hi, thanks for the reply. the module is a OrturLu2-10a 24v 10w laser module. I have since found another person who has the problem and adjusted the wiring his way. As an amateur I was wondering if their were other ways. Google - Well, ain’t that a&!$@# this will bring up the whole issue.

This doesn’t help anyone, including me to understand the issue, which is why we’re here…

We don’t know this way…

Any information would be beneficial to someone with a similar problem … links, screenshots…etc.


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Thanks for the guidance. For an explanation of the issue, go to this address: Well, ain't that a &!$@# - #3 by bionicback321 I would be interested to hear if anyone with the OLM2P S1 LASER found another way to solve the problem. Thanks