The USB cable does not fit the camera usb

The USB cables and USB connectors that was sent with my machine, do not fit where I can plug into the camera slot. I have tried all of them that came with the machine, I even purchased two USB cables and nothing will fit. So now, I cannot use my camera. Any suggestions?

I don’t know your machine, but on the machines I have, I connect the camera to the computer directly, this is how LightBurn “finds” that camera and integrates it into the system.

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Post a picture of the “slot”.

I have the Falcon2 Pro and that is where I am talking about. None of my USB cables that came with the machine, will not plug into that port

…could it be a (relatively new) usb-c type connector?

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Small oval is USB-C, A bit smaller D-shape is USB-Mini.

This link describes all the current ones out there. You can use it to order the right cable from Amazon, or whatever.

During assembly did your top support have this USB?

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