Thin text issue. Kinda blurred?

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a new 100w Ruida controlled laser machine. (Not my first, prior were 50 watt with m2 nano controller)

My issue:

Is their a way to get better engraving results with thin 15pt font? Pictures attached*

My settings are:
250mm/sec / color black
20% power / color red

Any input would be great. Thank you all in advance:)

I think you using lens out of focus!

I would say either out of focus, too much power (going too deep), or possibly that you need to set up scanning offsets (also called ‘reverse interval’).

Check the first two, then the 3rd one is here:

Awesome thank you. I’ll start running tests shortly and I’ll get back soon with results.

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Oh and Side note with the power* even at low power 10%-15% it does the same.

Is the beam supposed to be like this a halo?

My 50w makes a tiny beam compared to this 100w…

Also… how do you remove the head to clean the focus lens? This is different from my other laser:/

Just did the scanning offsets. I’m not getting the results like the picture… just this:

Figured how to remove the focus lens.

I think it might be because it’s foggy. I cleaned it up and running a test right now.

I’m surprised it got this foggy already. I barely have used it for around 20 minutes so far.

I just aligned the mirrors. And focus is done by the little plastic thing they give you so I don’t see any issue with focus unless the little plastic thing they give you is wrong?

Just did a new pass with alignment and regular plastic thing focus and now it looks worse:/

Please don’t stea my design as I sell these:)

That’s very possible. Also check if your lens is upside down (convex side should be up).

Yeah I cleaned it same issue. And yes. Convex side is up. I switched the side a couple times but same issue just thought that they had installed it incorrectly.

I’ll do some more testing but for now I got it to engrave it to where it looks presentable. I turned down the air assist as it was cooling it too quickly as well.

For reference here’s a picture of how crystal clear my 50w machine does these for comparison:

Also, is it true that the beam is “thicker” for higher wattage machines compared to 50w? I did a pulse and the beam does look slightly thicker in comparison to my 50w.

If that’s the case then I would assume that’s one factor of why the engraving is like that:/ kinda bummed out but it’s still an amazing machine as I primarily use it to cut and not engrave

I was thinking just now if it might be a file issue?

I use affinity designer to make my designs then I export it as an SVG to INKSCAPE then I save that file to a folder then I IMPORT it to LIGHTBURN.

I have Illustrator as well. I’ll give it a go and create the same design on it and import to lightburn and see if that makes a difference

My Ruida controller is the 644xs if that helps

When doing the scanning offset test, it’s not useful unless you set the interval quite high, so you can see the individual lines.

Your engraving looks really deep compared to the 50w, so that might be part of it. I would also suggest running a ramp test to verify that your focus point is where you think it is. If you have a focus gauge / blank, it’s possible that it’s meant to be turned on its side or held differently than you are, and it’s also possible they just gave you the wrong one. A ramp test will figure that out.

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Hey oz I did the ramp test. The plastic guide is correct and I’m still getting blurry engraving.

Lens is clean, speed wise I lower it to 100mm/sec, power down to 10-15% still no clear engraving. Anything else I should try?

The scan line doesn’t help either. Machine is fully aligned as well.

Here’s my results for offset scanning. No adjustments done:

20% power
1mm interval (to show lines)
4” T x 1”w square

Right on the money if you ask me but why am I getting blurry images with a clean lens, machine is aligned, and nothing wrong???

The ornament is 3” in diameter and the font and everything is just blurry still??

Any help please as I’m getting closer to Christmas season for my shop.